Contest: A Fairy Tale Summer

For our May contest, we’re celebrating Sweetheart Karole Cozzo’s May 16 release, The Truth About Happily Ever After.Ā  In this sweet YA/NA romance, Alyssa works summers at a theme park playing the role of Cinderella and looking for her own fairy tale love story. Alyssa is a princess at heart, and nothing makes her happier than seeing the wide-eyed stares and smiles of the little girls who come through the park to meet her.

With summer just around the corner, we thought we’d ask: If you could portray any theme park character (in any type of theme park, real or imagined) for one whole summer, what would it be and why? The rules are simple:

  • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment below and let us know which character you’d choose and why.
  • Be sure to leave your Twitter handle at the end of your comment so we can reach you.

The contest closes May 31 at noon. We’ll choose a comment at random, and the winner will receive a pampered princess prize pack, including a copy of Karole’s book and some swoony swag!

Good luck! xoxoxo

34 thoughts on “Contest: A Fairy Tale Summer

  1. I think I would be Cinderella because I love the idea of letting kindness be your guide and I would want to spread that love and positive energy to others. My twitter handle is @cindercyborg.

  2. This book looks like so much FUN, plus a perfect summer read.

    As for what character, I think I’d like to be one of the villain queens… like Maleficent or Ursula or Mother Gothel… I would love being able to play off of the other characters and park goers.

    (I’m at @annmarjoryk)

  3. What a fun question! I think I would want to be Maleficent or Meirda. Maleficent because sometimes it’s fun to be evil and scare people. Merida because she is a strong female, who loves to be adventuress and learn, but still has some lessons to learn.


  4. It’s hot during the summer and those dresses are heavy! Sign me up to be Tink, please! She’s small but mighty, doesn’t shy away from mischief, and has some of the coolest digs in the park. And have you SEEN her flight from the top of Cinderella’s castle? Apparently she can get up to speeds of 20 to 35 mph through the air. Pretty sure Tink has the most fun of all. (Sorry. I realize I’m ineligible. Just had to chime in šŸ˜‰

  5. I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The only time in my life I would ever have the chance to wear a yellow gown, and I love the beast. I was already following on twitter. @AudreyS23511436

  6. Woah! This is really hard. I’m not really into mascots. Does being a performer in those parades count? I just find them so cool! But if it really has to be a mascot, being Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph would be sooooooo cool!

    Oh and my twitter is @alyssayurisays

  7. I would love to play Belle. I don’t look anything like her, but she’s my favorite. If I ever got bored (which I probably wouldn’t) I could always read, and it would still be in character! Ha! (Twitter handle: @annsulliva)

  8. Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because I love her costume and her attitude. And I’d love it if I could have a companion goat by my side!
    My twitter is: @casacullen

  9. I’d love to be Judy from Zootopia. I admire her strong determination and preservarance. Judy is great role model for girl for pursuing their dream and how to handle diversity and setback in life. Plus she is so cute . ?? twitter: @hanabilqisthi

  10. Hmm… this is interesting! I would love to be Mulan because wasn’t she the first princess actually do the real fighting and in the end save her nation! Mulan has been my fav since I first the movie plus she is pretty šŸ˜‰
    Twitter: @gr8dust

  11. I’d love to be Rapunzel. I’ve already got the long hair (though it’s not blonde anymore) & I’ve got mad skills with a cast iron frying pan (though I use mine for cooking, not as a weapon).


  12. Cinderella has been my favorite since I was born. I had a Cinderella wedding proposal and wedding. And my 3 yr old is wearing her Cinderella dress while I write this. Haha. @brookiecowles

  13. I don’t have twitter but I have insta!! (@tacr00172)
    I would love to play Ariel, she was always my favourite growing up and Ive always loved prince Eric!

  14. I would be Alice! I have always loved Alice and wonderland and how curious she is! Twitter: @britjaye

  15. Rapunzel because she has long hair that you can put up in pretty braids to attract people and she reads! Her commelian(I think that’s how you spell it, lol) from the movie tangled could put on a show.


  16. Ahh it’s so hard to pick one, but if I had to I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always had such a love for her and from the time I was little I was told that I was like her in so many ways! I have a chronic illness and since I was diagnosed with it, books have become even more important to me. Being able to escape into a different world for a little while has saved my life so I can absolutely relate to Belle’s love of books.
    This is such a fun giveaway! Thank you for the chance! My twitter is @NicoleKaitlyn95

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